Message from the CEO

Our business aims to inspire and embody our lifework.

The DAC Group celebrated its 50 year anniversary in 2012. DAC strives toward its corporate vision, which is comprised of two basic ideas.
The first idea involves training “people” who can contribute to the world. The second idea involves “inspiring” people all over the world toward happiness. In the 21st century, the DAC Group is striving to inspire and to embrace people’s happiness to create business and to bring joy to people.
We create business from joy and happiness. There is nothing as wonderful as this. In order to promote our inspiration-oriented activities, the DAC Group starts with promoting healthy and sound business management. It is important to make time to provide “for others” and “for society.” This is not meant in a superficial context at all. Rather, all yearn for this type of business management, and it is the starting point to promote inspiration-oriented business.

Kazunori Ishikawa, DAC Group CEO


Born in Chiba prefecture, October 1948.
In 1977, Kazunori Ishikawa was appointed to the position of CEO at 29 years of age, a third generation appointment, in order to restructure the Daily Advertising Agency, which was falling into heavy debt. He created a network organization developing a presence throughout Japan, comprised of 9 advertisement companies, starting with Public Relations Daily and Daily Information. He currently represents the DAC Group CEO.